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This 10ml E-Liquid brand is one of the most famous in the UK with flavours like Heisenburg & Pinkman which put them on the map with their unique taste that can't be matched. A humongous range of E-Liquids containing Fruit, Dessert, Tobacco & Menthol flavours, you are bound to find something that suits you.

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The Vampire Vape brand is one of the most famous in the UK with flavours like Heisenberg & Pinkman. The Koncept range brings 100ml bottles

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The Vampire Vape 10ml e-liquid brand is one of the most famous in the UK with flavours like Heisenburg & Pinkman which put them on the map.

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The Vampire Vape brand is one of the most famous in the UK with flavours like Heisenberg & Pinkman. The Koncept range brings 50ml bottles

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Vampire Vape E-Liquid

If you're looking for your next favourite e-liquid brand, Vampire Vape definitely won't disappoint. Vampire Vape have established themselves as one of the leading vape juice producers both in the UK and globally. They're known for offering a wide variety of flavours within their different ranges of e-liquids. 

Even if you aren't familiar with Vampire Vape, it's pretty likely you've heard of a couple of their signature flavours: Pinkman and Heisenberg. But their expertise doesn't stop with those two flavours. If anything, it can be tricky picking a favourite one out of their many different flavoursome options!

You'll also be able to find both nicotine-free e-liquids and e-liquids with varying nicotine strengths. With all these vape juices from Vampire Vape available, it's hard to pick which one is the best, so why not try them yourself? We guarantee you'll find your next new favourite bottle of vape juice hiding somewhere in their collections.

Vampire Vape Freebase E-Liquid

If you're an experienced vaper, you'll be familiar with the different types of e-liquid and nicotine available to you, with freebase nicotine being one of them. Different to nic salts, freebase nicotine can help to produce a stronger nicotine hit with larger vapour clouds and more complex flavours. Vampire Vape have truly taken advantage of this and created this flavoursome and dynamic range of freebase e-liquids. This collection includes unique flavour combinations such as Blood Sukka, Pear Drops, and Vamp Toes – alongside their classic Heisenberg and Pinkman of course.

If you're concerned about how its throat hit will be compared to nicotine salts, don't worry. Vampire Vape's freebase vape liquids are produced at the highest quality to help provide the best vape possible.

Their freebase e-liquid range is available in four different nicotine strengths to help you further personalise your vaping experience. If you're used to vaping with nic salts, you might want to pick a freebase vape juice with a lower nicotine strength than usual as they can produce a stronger nicotine hit.

Vampire Vape Koncept E-liquid

For those vapers who prefer direct-to-lung vaping, Vampire Vape's Koncept vape juice will be perfect for you. These high VG vape juices come in 50ml bottles and are available in the same flavours you'll know and love from their freebase range – plus a few fun extra flavours as well. One of our favourite flavours from this range right now is their Sweet Lemon Pie e-liquid, a vape juice reminiscent of everyone's favourite citrus sweet treat. These shortfill e-liquids from Vampire Vape are great for those who use sub-ohm vapes and tanks; they'll help to produce those massive vapour clouds without sacrificing flavour.

Shortfills are also great for those of you who prefer a nicotine-free vape as they inherently have a 0% nicotine content. However, if you do decide to vape with nicotine you can easily mix in a nicotine shot straight into the bottle. The great thing about this is that you'll be able to customise your e-liquids nicotine strength depending on your personal preference.

Vampire Vape FAQs

What vape kits are compatible with Vampire Vape e-liquids?

The answer to this depends on what type of e-liquid you use and what your preferred vaping style is. If you're using the Vampire Vape Freebase e-liquid, we recommend vaping with a starter kit or plus-ohm coil and tank as these e-liquids have a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, which makes them great for mouth-to-lung vaping. Vampire Vape's Koncept vape juice will be more compatible with sub-ohm vapes and direct-to-lung vaping as they are a high VG e-liquid – perfect for blowing those huge vape clouds! 

It’s important that you match your Vampire Vape e-juice to the right device. Avoid using the Koncept range with any plus-ohm vapes or coils as they won't be able to properly vaporise the e-liquid and will eventually reduce your vape coils lifespan. 

What are Vampire Vape’s best e-liquid flavours?

For those of you new to Vampire Vape, you'll definitely need to try out their Heisenberg and Pinkman flavours. These flavours helped put Vampire Vape on the map, and for good reason too. Their Heisenberg vape juice uniquely combines mixed berries with hints of aniseed and menthol to create a complex flavour profile. If you're after that familiar Heiseinberg flavour combination but with a bit more of a menthol kick, you can try out their Blood Sukka vape juice as well. 

The Pinkman is a great fit for vapers who love fruity e-liquid flavours as it combines mixed fruits with twists of citrus and tropical notes to keep it tasting bright. Other Vampire Vape e-liquids that will provide great fruity sensations include their Dusk, Red Lips, and Tropical Island flavours.

Which nicotine strength should I vape with?

This depends on a variety of factors such as whether or not you're an ex-smoker and if you're trying to gradually cut down on your nicotine consumption. We typically recommend starting off with a lower nicotine strength and increasing if you find that the e-liquid isn't satisfying your cravings. Once you think you're ready, you can start slowly decreasing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid until you can eventually vape with a nicotine-free vape juice.

What's the difference between freebase e-liquid and shortfills?

The main difference between the two types of vape liquids is that freebase e-liquid contains nicotine while shortfills don't. For vapers that prefer vaping with nicotine, you might find their freebase range of vape juices to be more convenient as you won't have to mix in an additional nicotine shot to start vaping. 

Another key difference is their VG/PG ratio. Vampire Vape’s freebase e-liquid have a 50/50 ratio of VG/PG, which makes them more suited for mouth-to-lung vaping, whereas shortfills have a high VG content that's perfect for direct-to-lung vaping. 

Is Vampire Vape e-liquid safe?

All e-liquids produced by Vampire Vape have been rigorously tested and are TPD compliant under UK regulations, making these vape juices 100% safe for you and your vape.