Do Disposable Vapes Really Taste Better?

Feb 06, 2023

Disposable vapes have dominated the vaping world for some time now, and for good reason. They’re easy to carry around, they’re cost-effective, and they taste great. There’s a common belief the reason for them becoming so popular is because they taste better than other vaping alternatives. But is this really the case, or is it simply the convenience of disposable vapes that makes them taste better to vapers?

If disposable vapes do taste better, why is this? Let’s have a look at some potential reasons for this and how we might also make our other vaping solutions compete.

What Could Make A Disposable Vape Taste Better?

Let’s delve into this question in more detail. We’ve all tried them, so we’ll have our own opinions, but there are certainly some valid reasons why some may think that disposable vapes really do taste better:

Pre-soaked wicks

If the wick of your regular vaping device sits in the e-liquid for an extended period, it’ll become more and more saturated. If you haven’t used the vape for a while, you’ll find that the first draw or two will produce an intense flavour compared to when it’s used regularly.

Now think about this: wicks of disposable vapes get soaked with e-liquid before packaging. They then stand on store shelves, waiting for a customer to take that heavenly first draw. It makes sense that their flavours will be more robust.

Nicotine salt e-liquid

Most disposable vapes use nicotine salt e-liquid, which has its benefits. Nicotine salt e-liquids provide a smoother vaping experience for users, which is even more evident if the nicotine strength is higher. The throat hit that is experienced when using freebase nicotine isn’t as pronounced with nicotine salt at higher nicotine levels.

Nicotine salts incorporate an acidic benzoic compound that lowers the nicotine’s pH level. This lower pH enters the bloodstream more quickly, resulting in an instant nicotine hit for the vaper. As most disposable vape devices use a 1.2-ohm coil resistance, nicotine salt e-liquids deliver a smoother hit than regular vape juice.


Let’s face it; disposable vapes are simple and easy to use. You buy them, take them out of their packaging, remove their mouthpiece cap, and you’re vaping! You don’t have refill tanks or prime coils, so you can immediately enjoy the full and intense flavour of the e-liquid.

The tank doesn’t have to be filled, and the coil doesn’t take time to heat up, so a disposable vape pen with a completely saturated wick is ready to go! This convenience factor adds to the vaping experience, which, directly or not, is why disposable vapes, like Geek Bar, taste better.


Disposable vape brands will likely use a specific e-liquid for all their flavours across their range of disposable vapes. Unlike refillable vapes, you’ll never get the lingering taste of the residual vape juice of a previous flavour in a tank intermingling with your new e-liquid flavour.

The majority of disposable vapes are made in China and pre-filled on-site. The Chinese vaping industry has perfected its flavours in concentrates directed at disposables with high coil resistances. This industry uses maltodextrin, a processed sugar carbohydrate, in most disposable vapes. Maltodextrin adds to the sweetness of many disposable flavour concentrates.

How Do I Make My Pods Taste as Good?

When people quit smoking, those who still need their nicotine high often move straight on to using disposable vapes. In the long run, though, most of these users will transition to a more permanent vaping solution.

So how can you replicate that full, smooth taste of disposable vapes in a vape pod, for example? There are ways to do this with a reusable device – maybe the following tips are worth trying.

Use the right coil for your vape kit

Check the coil resistance you’re using in your vape kit coils. It considerably affects the amount of flavour your refillable vape will produce. If you want to enhance your vape flavour, choose a high-resistance coil for your vape kit.

Coils with higher resistances generate more flavour. Low resistance, or sub-ohm, coils produce warmer, more significant vapour clouds. Lower-resistance, sub-ohm coils will have bigger and warmer vapour clouds than 1.0 ohm or higher coils. Using the latter is more beneficial for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, like disposable vapes, which produce richer and fuller flavours.

Keep your vape kit in good condition

If your vape kit’s performance is optimal, it will assist you in getting the desired taste from your juice. Maintaining your kit well by using a suitable coil and regularly replacing it reduces the risk of leaking e-liquid and weak flavour.

As your vaping experience progresses, you’ll identify which coils are best for certain e-liquids and how often you need to replace a coil. If you’re using nicotine salts, the best e-liquid for flavour, use high-resistance coils of at least 1.0 ohms for the best results.

Prime your coil

Disposable vapes taste better because their coils are pre-primed. If you want a similar result from your kit’s vape juice, you should ensure your coil is primed correctly. Priming your vape coil allows your vape juice to saturate the wicking material thoroughly.

If you prime your coil, you minimise the chance of your wick burning when you activate the vape’s battery. Doing this will reduce your chances of dry hits as well. We recommend priming your new coil every time as it provides more benefits than just better flavour, such as helping to extend the coil’s lifetime significantly.

Use good quality e-liquid

Instead of buying the cheapest e-liquid you can find, try using a better quality type to try and replicate the taste of disposable vapes.

Disposable vapes taste better because they use a certain type of e-liquid – typically nicotine salts. This type of e-liquid offers an instant nicotine hit with a smooth taste that many prefer over freebase nicotine.

Use an e-liquid with the right VG/PG ratio

When you buy e-liquid flavours, you should check the Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) ratios of the vape juice you purchase. Higher PG ratios produce more taste-filled vape experiences as the PG holds most of the flavour.

VG accounts for the cloud thickness and how smooth your draw will be. If you use a 50/50 mix of PG and VG in your vape, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result, which will be close to what you’ll get using disposable vapes.

Our E-Liquid Recommendations

You may want to replicate the taste of disposable vapes with your pod vape kit. We suggest you follow the above tips and try one or more of the following types of e-liquid:

Ohm Boy Nic Salts

At Oxford Vapours, we’ve taken the time to design, test and craft our own brand of e-liquids called Ohm Boy. This nicotine salt is available in 10ml solutions with a VG mix of 50%. There are many fruity flavours available mixed with our famous rhubarb base.

Bar Juice 5000

Bar Juice 5000 is manufactured in the UK, with a selection of tasty mixes in 10ml form. The fun part is that they’re all centred around popular flavours from disposable vapes. They all have a 50/50 ratio, with nicotine salt for a similar throat hit to disposable vape devices.

Zeus Juice

Zeus Juice is still our best-selling range at Oxford Vapours and has been since we first began stocking it. The wide Zeus Juice range of 10ml nic salts produces a smooth throat hit, just like using disposable vapes does. There’s a valid reason these are one of our best sellers!

Elfa pod kit

Elf Bar’s Elfa Disposable Pods are designed especially for the Elfa Pod Kit. They feature every beloved flavour from the authentic Elf Bar range of disposable pods, which are now in more economical packages.

Just replace the pods with new ones when it’s finished, and change the battery out when necessary. They’re perfect vape solutions that aren’t quite disposable vapes but similar in flavour and taste.


Even though some may think that disposable vapes taste better, it doesn’t have to be the case for you. Take care of your vape kits and incorporate the best nicotine salts and e-liquid mixes into your vaping routine, and you will end up with a refillable vape kit that produces a delicious flavour similar to what you’ll find when drawing on a disposable vape pen.