At Oxford Vapours we love to hear how satisfied you are with your latest purchase. Reviews are a fantastic way for us as a company to hear your feedback about the products we choose to stock & for other customers to help gain confidence in their next purchase. 

We have decided to set up a scheme where you can earn back money in the form of a discount coupon for leaving helpful reviews on our website. For each review you post you can earn a £1 coupon code to use against your next purchase. 

How does it work?

  • Acceptable reviews must contain a written review & if it does not contain a comment it can still be published but you will not receive the discount code. 
  • You must review a product you have purchased from us. We do not encourage the spread of fake reviews/bad information. 
  • You must have an account with us to receive your discount code. 
  • You will receive your discount code after your review has been checked & published to our website. 
  • Your discount code will be sent to you via the email address used for the review/your account.
  • You will have 1 year from the date your discount code is sent to use it before it expires. 
  • You can leave one review per product, per week. Any extra reviews left within the same 1 week period will be highly appreciated but you will not gain any additional discount codes.