Internal Battery

Internal battery mods are devices that have a built-in battery & generally offer variable power along with a large range of safety protections. These can be a fantastic upgrade to go with your favourite tank & we offer a large selections with varying specifications to suit your needs.
We love the Eleaf iPower 2 mod due to its massive battery.
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Vape Mods & Batteries

Vape mods, also called box mods, are the part of your vape kit that contains the battery and other electrical components. These provide the power that heats your coils and turns the e-liquid into vapour for you to inhale. 

Vape mods allow vapers to customise their vape by choosing their preferred tanks and coils. If you like the idea of being able to change vaping style and e-liquid flavours more easily while enjoying powerful battery life, a box mod might be a good choice for you. 

The box mods we stock at Oxford Vapours are sometimes referred to as regulated mods, mods that have safety functions (in contrast to mechanical mods or mech mods which do not have these features). 

We stock a wide range of box mods by brands such as InnokinSmokAspire, and more. Not sure which to choose? Get in touch - we'll be happy to help. 

Vape Mod Features

There are many features that vape mods may contain. Here are some of the features they sometimes include. 

Safety features

Box mods often have a high power output so safety features are a useful inclusion with your vape mods. These might include a cut-off point and protections against short-circuiting and overheating. 

Variable wattage and voltage

These settings allow you to adjust the wattage and voltage of your vape to customise your vaping experience. 

OLED display

Many box mods include an OLED screen with features such as a puff counter. They also display the chosen settings of the device. 

Temperature control 

Box mods with temperature control features allow you to use a constant heat which reduces your chance of dry hits. 


Box mods might also include additional modes such as pulse mode which increases the power at the beginning of each puff, reducing ramp-up time. Another mode is bypass mode which uses the maximum amount of power that your batteries can provide for a super powerful vape. Modes allow you to tailor your vape to your preferences in order to achieve the best vaping experience. 

Types of Vape Mod Batteries

Built-in battery vape mods

Smaller or pen-style e-cig mods may have a built-in battery, such as the Eleaf iPower 2 mod. Box mods with a built-in battery are simpler and easier to use because you do not have to buy batteries separately. Built-in battery box mods are usually charged using a USB-C charger.

However, these batteries do not last forever and you will eventually have to replace the whole mod when they stop working. 

External battery vape mods

Most mods have external batteries, which are sold separately to the mod itself. The majority use 18650 batteries, which are big and powerful batteries that can provide a lot of power to your vape. While some can be charged using a USB charger, others require you to remove the batteries to charge them. 

Box mods with external batteries may have single (one cell) or dual batteries (two cells).

Single battery vape mods

Single battery vape mods are less chunky to carry around but they can produce less power - usually less than 100 watts.  

Dual battery vape mods

Dual battery box mods can produce more power because the load is split across two cells instead of one. These can provide power of more than 100 watts for the most power-demanding vapes. 

Moreover, because there are two cells, dual battery vape mods have twice the battery life of single battery mods, so they can be used for longer vaping without charging.

Vape mod FAQs

Can I use any tank with my box mod? 

One of the best benefits of using a vape mod is that you can choose your tank and coils. These don't have to be made by the same brand as your box mod, although we recommend checking that your mod and tank use the standard 510 connector so that they are compatible. 

When pairing a box mod and a vape tank, you'll need to consider whether the mod can provide enough power for the tank and its coils. For example, any sub-ohm coil (a coil with a resistance of less than one ohm) will require at least 40 watts of power, so you need to choose a mod that can support this. 

If you want to use a mod with temperature control, it's important that you pair it with vape coils made of stainless steel, nickel, or titanium which can support this mode. 

It's also important to make sure that the diameter of your mod and vape tank match. In addition to looking strange, an e-cig with a mod and tank of different sizes are more likely to fall over and cause spills or breakages. 

Which is better - built-in battery, single battery, or dual battery? 

This one's entirely up to you - it depends on what you want from your vape. 

If you prefer a slim, lightweight vape which doesn't need a high power output, built-in will be great for you. Single battery external vape mods are a great middle ground, while dual battery mods are ideal for vapers who want more power and longer battery life. 

Are box mods suitable for beginner vapers? 

While the choice of what hardware to use is up to the individual vaper, we recommend that new vapers start out with a vape kit or starter kit. Starter kits are a type of vape kit designed to be beginner-friendly, so they're perfect for former smokers making the transition to vaping. 

If you've tried vape kits, vape pens, or disposable vapes in the past and are looking for something with a bit more power and greater customisation options, vaping using a mod is a great choice. 

What type of e-liquid should I use with my mod?

The type of e-liquid you vape depends on the type of coils and tank you are using with your mod. For MTL (mouth to lung) vaping you'll need a high-PG or 50/50 e-liquid, whereas for DTL (direct to lung) sub-ohm vaping, the more popular choice for vape mods, you'll need a high VG e-liquid