Top 10 High VG Vape Juice Flavours To Try This Winter

Nov 14, 2022

The nights are getting longer; the days are getting colder. It’s coming up to winter, and for sub-ohm vapers, that only means one thing: finding the best high VG vape juice flavours to see you through the short, cold days ahead. 

But what does that e-liquid flavour look like? Is it an all-day vape flavour that acts as your pick-me-up throughout the day? Is it a menthol kick to keep you refreshed and focused? Or is it a sweet, dessert vape flavour that gives you a warm hug to get you through the chill? 

For flavour variety, nothing can beat high VG e-liquids like shortfills, so let’s get into the top 10 high VG e-liquids for this winter.

10. Doozy Vape Strawberry Kiwi 100ml vape juice

This strawberry vape juice will keep summer memories alive whilst the days get colder.

Doozy Vape 100ml shortfills are expertly crafted by mixologists to create awesome e-liquid flavours that keep your sweet tooth satisfied. The tasty mix of summer fruits and exotic flavours makes the range’s Strawberry Kiwi flavour a must for vapers missing the sunshine. 

Like all shortfills, this e-liquid contains no nicotine, but it is compatible with nic salt boosters to create a smooth formula with a fast absorbing nicotine hit. The Top Shot nic salt booster has the added benefit of being the same 70/ 30 % VG / PG ratio as the Doozy Vape e-liquid, so you’re not compromising the viscosity of the juice. 

Due to TPD regulations in the UK, all nicotine containing products are limited to a maximum capacity of 10ml and 20mg. So mixing two 18mg nic salt boosters with a 100ml shortfill creates 120ml of a 3mg nicotine strength vape liquid. 

2 for £25
Doozy Vape Seriously Fruity 100ml shortfill
£14.99 Inc Vat

The masters at Doozy have created this 100ml shortfill range, Seriously Fruity, a selection of the juiciest fruit flavours imaginable.

9. Flavour Treats Ice Mint 100ml Shortfill

There’s nothing quite like a cold gust of wind to wake you up in the morning and blow away the cobwebs. The Mint flavour in the Flavour Treats Ice 100ml Shortfill range provides you with a similarly refreshing icy flavour, no freezing temperatures required. 

Ice mint is a classic vape flavour, and in a sub-ohm system, vapers can really appreciate the depth that Flavour Treats bring to an all-time favourite. The menthol core of this e-liquid is ultra-concentrated to bring you one of the best tasting menthol profiles on the market. 

If you want to double down on the icy flavour, pair this e-liquid with NicNic’s Icy Nicotine Salt booster for a cool menthol nic shot that provides a smooth throat hit. This nicotine shot also has a 70 % / 30 % VG to PG ratio for a consistent vape juice consistency.

Flavour Treats Ice 100ml shortfill
£9.99 Inc Vat

The Flavour Treats Ice range is exactly what you think. A freezing icy cold range to chill your taste buds. A cold experience in a 100ml shortfill.

8. FOMO Passionfruit, Pineapple Peach 100ml e-liquid

Still dreaming of a bit of winter sun? Fair enough. FOMO’s Passionfruit, Pineapple and Peach e-liquid might even be enough to make you forget you’re in the rain and have you thinking more about sipping piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Available in 100ml bottles of zero nicotine e-liquids, the FOMO vape juice range is another great high VG vaping choice for vapers who love fruity flavours. We’ve called the Passionfruit, Pineapple and Peach e-liquid a “tropical masterpiece” and we stand by it – if you’re clinging onto the memories of summer, this vape juice is for you. 

This vape liquid is compatible with both freebase nicotine shots and nic salt shots, so depending on your throat hit preference, you can enjoy this e-liquid with a nicotine strength of your choice. We do recommend that for sub ohm vaping with a high VG vape juice, you ensure that your juice is of a lower nicotine strength due to the volume of liquid consumed.

FOMO 100ml shortfill
£14.99 Inc Vat

FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a fruit based e-liquid range with unique & exotic flavours sure to get your taste buds tingling.

7. Flavour Treats Desserts Vanilla Custard 100ml vape juice

For vapers who love an e-liquid with a rich dessert flavour, you can’t do better than the Flavour Treats Desserts vape juice range. The Vanilla Custard dessert e-liquid is instantly comforting with its moreish vapour that is both sweet and well-balanced. Even better, this high VG e-liquid is only £10.00 for a 100ml bottle, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. 

We recommend you opt for a nicotine salt booster for this vape juice if you want to add nicotine, as the wholesome flavour is better suited to a smooth vaping experience. 

Flavour Treats Desserts 100ml shortfill
£9.99 Inc Vat

The Desserts range is an indulgent treat for your vape. Perfect for vapers who enjoy a rich, heavy dessert flavour with a sweet-tooth.

6. Aisu Tokyo series Banana Cake 50ml Shortfill

The Aisu Tokyo high VG e-liquid range is available in stylish 50ml bottles and a range of interesting vape juice flavour combinations, but our favourite for winter has to be Banana Cake. 

You can barely say the name of this e-liquid without thinking about lockdown number one, and the Banana Cake e-liquid brings a new definition to the taste of comfort food. This wholesome e-liquids perfectly balances its fruity banana taste with an unmistakable sponge cake flavour for the ultimate fruit dessert vape juice. 

Again, we would recommend using a nic salt booster if you choose to add nicotine to this e-liquid, as the smoother throat hit from nicotine salts over freebase complements the delicate balance of this juice. 

3 for £25
Aisu Tokyo Series 50ml shortfill
£8.99 Inc Vat

British brand, Aisu, bringing their new 'Tokyo Series', a range of 50ml shortfills. Features e-liquids from multiple flavour profiles with unique tastes.

5. Vampire Vape Simply Blackcurrant 50ml Koncept Shortfill

Famous for their distinctive Blood Sukka, Heisenberg and Pinkman flavours, Vampire Vape is a staple for most vapers. Their Koncept range is the perfect choice for vapers looking for a reliable high VG e-liquid to keep them satisfied over winter, and what better flavour than Blackcurrant to provide a wholesome vaping experience?

Simply Blackcurrant is just that: simple and rich. There’s no need to mess with a fruity classic, so Vampire Vape lean into the moreish taste of bittersweet blackcurrants for this vape liquid. 

For the Vampire Vape Koncept e-liquids, you could use a PG based nicotine booster to dilute the viscosity from 70% / 30% VG to PG to a 70% / 30% VG to PG ratio to make the e-liquids more suitable for some MTL vape kits. This would be a great option for those wanting to progress from starter kits with a familiar e-liquid. 

Zeus Juice Koncept 50ml shortfill
£6.49 Inc Vat available on subscription

The Vampire Vape brand is one of the most famous in the UK with flavours like Heisenberg & Pinkman. The Koncept range brings 50ml bottles

4. Ohm Boy Rhubarb and Ginger 50ml vape juice 

In the bleak midwinter, we all go back to home comforts. The Rhubarb and Ginger option from Ohm Boy’s Limited Edition 50ml shortfills will take you back to cosy evenings with rhubarb and ginger crumbles and jams. Perfectly balancing the sharp rhubarb with warming ginger notes, this e-liquid will quickly become a firm favourite. Catch it while you can! 

If you choose to add nicotine to this shortfill, we recommend the Zeus Juice nic shot. The sharp ginger spice in the shortfill complements the freebase nicotine kick, and by adding the 10ml shot, you’ll create 60ml of 3mg vape juice. 

Ohm Boy Limited Edition 50ml shortfill
£9.99 Inc Vat

A Limited Edition flavour from based from extremely special creations, Ohm Boy E-liquids Volume II, using our famous Rhubarb base.

3. Zeus Juice Cinnabird 100ml e-liquid

Think about waking up on a cold, dark winter morning to the most delicious warm cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven and you’re somewhere in the region of the joy the Zeus Juice Cinnabird e-liquid will provide.

Zeus Juice 100ml shortfills are everything you could want out of a high VG vape liquid: delicious cinnamon flavour, large vapour clouds and a big 100ml bottle so you can get the most out of your money. Trust us, you do not want to go another cold, dark UK winter without Cinnabird to keep you warm. 

Add two 18mg nicotine shots to create 120ml of 3mg nicotine strength liquid.

Zeus Juice 100ml shortfill
£19.99 Inc Vat available on subscription

What can we say about Zeus Juice other than it’s been our best selling E-Liquid range since the day it hit our shelves with its wide range of flavours. 

2. Ohm Boy Volume I Caramel Latte on Ice 50ml shortfill

Ohm Boy Volume I 50 ml vape liquids are a core choice for high VG vaping, and we couldn’t do a countdown of e-liquid flavours without including an all time favourite, Caramel Latte on Ice. 

This e-liquid is the perfect combination of rich coffee, creamy milk, delicious caramel and an icy menthol twist to add a wintry chill. This vape juice is like having your favourite frappuccino on demand in your pocket, the perfect companion to get through the cold winter days. 

Opt for a 70:30 nic shot if you want to use this e-liquid in a sub ohm vape kit, or thin it out into a 60:40 VG : PG if you want to try this flavour in an MTL or starter kit. Don’t let this shortfill pass you by. 

3 for £20
Ohm Boy Volume I 1 50ml shortfill
£9.99 Inc Vat

Here we have our first & possibly most special range of e-liquids as it started our journey, Volume I.

1. Flavour Treats Sticky Toffee Pudding 100ml vape juice 

Sticky toffee pudding is the ultimate winter warmer dessert, and this 100ml e-liquid from Flavour Treats is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and provide a warm dessert flavour. 

Wrap up in the flavour of sweet dates, toffee sauce and sponge cake, and stay cosy all winter long. This e-liquid is a deliciously moreish must-try for all vapers with a sweet tooth. If you’re wanting a more mellow toffee flavour, try the butterscotch flavour profile instead. 

As we mentioned earlier, Flavour Treats e-liquids Desserts 100 ml shortfills are a brilliant option for those looking to vape on a budget, at only £10.00 for 100 ml. This vape juice should only be used in advanced vape kits specifically designed for sub ohm vaping. Use a high VG nicotine booster to ensure that the consistency of the juice doesn’t alter, affecting your vapour clouds. 

Flavour Treats Desserts 100ml shortfill
£9.99 Inc Vat

The Desserts range is an indulgent treat for your vape. Perfect for vapers who enjoy a rich, heavy dessert flavour with a sweet-tooth.