Cost Effective Vaping: The Best Cheap Vape Juices for Every Vaper

Nov 01, 2022

In 2022 we’ve all had to tighten our belts a little, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on our vaping experience. 

As all vapers will be well aware, making the switch from smoking to vaping already saves you hundreds of pounds each year (depending on how much you smoked). The average price of a premium pack of 20 cigarettes currently sits at £13.71, whereas a 10ml bottle of e-liquid starts as low as £2. Just by making the switch to vaping, you’re already getting great value for money. 

But which of the cheap e-liquids are the best? There are almost limitless flavour choices and combinations available to vapers at great prices, so it can be tricky to pick just one. That’s why we’ve split our cheap e-liquids guide into the main types of vape juice: nic salts, freebase e-liquids, zero nicotine MTL e-liquids, and high VG vape juice (including shortfills).  

Let’s get into it: here are the Oxford Vapours top picks for cheap e-liquids, no matter your vaping style.

Cheap e-liquids for nic salt vapers

Nicotine salts have dominated the vaping scene over the past couple of years. Many vapers prefer the smoother throat hit that nicotine salts offer over freebase nicotine, and with the variety of flavours now available in nic salts, we don’t blame them.

Nic salts tend to be priced slightly higher than their freebase alternatives, so you can expect to pay between £3.50 – £4.50 per 10ml nic salt.

There are plenty of salt vape liquids at the lower end of the 10ml price range, but our favourites for quality are the Ohm Brew nic salts.

1. Ohm Brew Nic Salts – £3.50 for 10ml

The Ohm Brew 10ml nic salt range has over 25 e-liquid flavours and is available in three varying nicotine strengths: 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. The sheer range of these nicotine salts makes Ohm Brew a go-to option for those looking for an affordable nic salt e-liquid. As the whole range is priced at £3.50, it’s easy on the budget, too.

We often get asked: “how long does a 10ml bottle of vape juice last?” when comparing prices of e-liquids. Well, how long is a piece of string? How quickly you go through a 10ml bottle of e-liquid will massively depend on how much you vape, but on average it takes 3.5 days to get through a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid. That puts Ohm Brew nic salts at around £1 a day to enjoy a flavoursome vape experience.

From sweet, dessert flavours like Banana Caramel Waffle to fruity fusions like Passionfruit & Mango, Ohm Brew covers pretty much every e-liquid flavour you can think of, including classics like Ice Menthol and tobacco flavours. 

3 for £10
Ohm Brew 10ml nic salt
£3.49 Inc Vat available on subscription

Ohm Brew have managed to create one of the biggest 10ml nic salt ranges we have ever decided to stock. With well over 25 different E-Liquids.

However, if somehow Ohm Brew doesn’t quite have a flavour that suits you, try the Ohm Boy Volume II 10ml nic salt range. The Ohm Boy Volume II range is a unique range of authentic botanical flavour profiles in three nicotine strengths: 5mg, 10mg, 20mg. They’re slightly more expensive than Ohm Brew at £4.00 but trust us, they’re worth every penny. 

Cheap freebase e-liquids

Freebase e-liquids have been around since the dawn of vaping. Freebase tends to be cheaper and have a harsher throat hit than its nic salt counterparts. Freebase nicotine is limited by the same TPD regulations as other nicotine-containing products, meaning you’re limited to 10ml e-liquid bottles if you prefer MTL vaping. Fortunately, freebase nicotine is very affordable. Prices for freebase nicotine range from £2.00 to £4.50 for 10ml. 

2. Vampire Vape freebase e-liquids – £2.00 – £4.00 for 10ml

Vampire Vape 10ml freebase e-liquids are staples for most vapers, and chances are you’ll have tried them at one point of your vaping journey. Vampire Vape have a wide range of nicotine strengths from 3mg all the way up to 18mg, and with prices ranging from £2.00 – £4.00, Vampire Vape are consistently affordable choices for most vapers. At the higher price point, Vampire Vape costs around £1.14 per day but can cost as little as 58p per day for the lower-priced vape juices. 

Vampire Vape are renowned for their wide range of flavours from dessert flavours like Rhubarb and Custard to classics like Ice Menthol. Their signature Heisenberg flavour also offers a host of variations including prominent Orange and Cola twists.

Clearance On Selected Flavours / 3 for £10
Vampire Vape 10ml freebase
£3.49  £3.99 Inc Vat

The Vampire Vape 10ml e-liquid brand is one of the most famous in the UK with flavours like Heisenburg & Pinkman which put them on the map. 

3. Aramax freebase vape juices – £3.00 for 10ml

If you’re not sure about Vampire Vape, try Aramax e-liquids. From hearty flavours like Coffee Max to full on fruity flavour in Max Strawberry, Aramax freebase e-liquids are a great alternative to Vampire Vape for high flavour concentration. Aramax freebase vape juices are priced at £3.00 across the range of strengths and flavours, putting them at 86p per day. 

If you want to know more about the differences between freebase nicotine and nic salts, check out our blog.

Aramax 10ml
£2.99 Inc Vat available on subscription

Aramax is a staple 10ml e-liquid range that has been a customer favourite at Oxford Vapours for a number of years with a wide range of flavours.

Cheap e-liquids with zero nicotine

For plus-ohm (MTL) vapers who want to give nicotine the kick, it can be tricky to balance flavour and value. Here are some of our favourite MTL e-liquids with zero nicotine. 

4. Aramax zero nicotine vape juices – £3.00 for 10ml

The most affordable vape juice option for zero nicotine vaping is the Aramax 10ml zero nicotine vape juice. The zero nicotine juices from Aramax cost the same as their freebase options, at only £3.00 for 10ml, 86p per day. 

The only problem with Aramax zero nicotine vape juices is that they’re pretty limited on e-liquid flavours. Only available in classic flavours such as Classic Tobacco, Max Menthol and USA Tobacco, there’s not much variation for nicotine-free vapers. If you fancy something a little more fruity, go for the Ohm Boy vol II range in zero nicotine. 

Aramax zero nicotine 10ml
£2.99 Inc Vat

Aramax is a staple 10ml e-liquid range that has been a customer favourite at Oxford Vapours for a number of years with a wide range of flavours.

5. Ohm Boy vol II zero nicotine – £3.50 for 10ml

The Ohm Boy vol II zero nicotine range is slightly more expensive, at £3.50 for 10ml, but offers a range of six unique fruity flavours. Ohm Boy vol II zero nicotine vape juices cost around £1 per day depending on how much you vape. 

Cheap e-liquid for sub-ohm vapers

If you’re a direct-to-lung (DTL) vaper, you’ll be well aware that your sub-ohm kit uses significantly more vape juice per draw than MTL devices. That’s why it’s more cost-effective for those using sub-ohm vape kits to use shortfills rather than 10ml high VG freebase nicotine e-liquids. 

Shortfills do not contain nicotine and as such, are not limited to a 10ml capacity, but your device will use up more vape liquid than an MTL device. A 100ml shortfill e-liquid can last anywhere between 2 -3 weeks depending on how much you vape (we’ll be using an average of 100ml every 17 days for our calculations). 

It’s important to note that those using MTL kits should not attempt to use shortfills in their devices. MTL devices do not hold as much power as sub-ohm devices, and high VG vape juice is too thick to be vaporised properly at a lower wattage. Using a shortfill in place of your regular MTL vape liquid will clog up your coil, damaging your kit and costing you more in the long run.

6. Flavour Treats shortfill e-liquids – £10.00 for 100ml

Flavour Treats are another great value brand with a wide variety of tastes to suit every vaper. At only £10.00 for a 100ml shortfill e-liquid, it’s a no-brainer cheap sub-ohm vaping option. 

Flavour Treats range from seriously sweet flavours like Fruit Pastilles to wholesome dessert flavours like Vanilla custard. As sub-ohm vapes use more vape liquid, however, even these cheaper options will set you back 59p per day. 

Prefer to vape with nicotine? Add a nicotine shot

As shortfills do not contain nicotine, add a nicotine booster to achieve your desired nicotine strength. Nicotine shots are 10ml and only £1, and are available in freebase shots and nicotine salts

As sub-ohm devices use significantly more vape juice to function, it’s important to lower the nicotine strength of your e-liquid as you intake much more juice. Be sure to thoroughly mix your nicotine shot with your shortfill vape juice to ensure the concentration if properly distributed. Shake the mixture for at least 3-5 minutes to allow the nicotine shot to fully diffuse into the liquid.

Flavour Treats Desserts 100ml shortfill
£9.99 Inc Vat

The Desserts range is an indulgent treat for your vape. Perfect for vapers who enjoy a rich, heavy dessert flavour with a sweet-tooth.

Prefer disposables? There are some great cheap(er) options.

It’s no secret that disposables are significantly more expensive in the long run than vape kits. On average a disposable vape (lasting approx. 600 puffs) lasts between 3 days and one week, meaning the cost of using disposable vapes consistently is a whopping £1.66 – £5.00 per day, which means you would spend between £605.90 – £1,825 per year.

The new Elfa disposable pod kit from Elf Bar is a happy compromise for vapers who want the convenience of a pre-filled vape and the cost savings of a vape kit. Elfa kits are rechargeable vape kits which function using pre-filled pods which you can replace once the e-liquid runs out. Each pod has a 2ml capacity (approximately 600 puffs, the same as disposable vape pens) and Elfa pods are available in packs of two for £6, making each 600 puff pod only £3, half the price of regular disposables. 

Like e-liquids and regular disposables, the longevity of a disposable vape kit really depends on how much you use it. So with each pod costing £3, it can cost anywhere between 83p and £2.50 per day to vape using the Elfa disposable pod kit

To summarise: you CAN do both! 

Opting for cheaper e-liquids for your vape kit doesn’t mean losing any enjoyment from the vaping experience! We’ve summarised below how to get the most value out of your vape and still enjoy incredible vape flavours. Explore our whole range of e-liquids to see which flavour floats your boat!

Vape Liquid pence per day
Vampire Vape freebase e-liquids – £2.00 for 10ml 58p
Aramax freebase vape juices – £3.00 for 10ml 86p
Aramax zero nicotine vape juices – £3.00 for 10ml 86p
Ohm Brew Nic Salts – £3.50 for 10ml £1.00
Ohm Boy vol II zero nicotine – £3.50 for 10ml £1.00
Vampire Vape freebase e-liquids – £4.00 for 10ml £1.14
Flavour Treats shortfill e-liquids – £10 for 100ml 59p