Geek Bar vs. Elf Bar: Which Disposable Vape is Best?

Oct 04, 2022

Geek Bars and Elf Bars are undoubtedly some of the most popular disposable vapes on the market, but which is the best option for vapers?

Both brands have been staples in the vaping community over the past few years, with many ex-smokers finally making the switch over to vapes using these convenient devices. It’s difficult to know which disposable vape is the best for each individual vaper, and there are many factors to assess. We’ll be pitching Geek Bars vs. Elf Bars on their flavour, value and quality. We’ll also be considering other factors, like how easily both brands of disposable vape pens can be recycled. 

Disposable vape nicotine strengths: Geek Bar vs Elf Bar

Both Geek Bar and Elf Bar disposable vapes are available from our store in 20mg nic strength (2% nicotine) and a range of flavours. We also stock 10mg nic strength (1% nicotine) Geek Bars in some fan-favourite flavours, such as: Pink LemonadeSour ApplePassionfruit and Mango Ice. Both vape brands use 50/50 nic salts in their disposable vapes, as this is preferred by most vapers for its smooth throat hit. 

We always recommend that you use a nicotine level that is high enough for you to curb your cravings as this will prevent you from reaching for your vape as often and burning through your e-liquid, coils and batteries too quickly. Also be cautious to not choose a vape that has a nicotine concentration that is too high for your tolerance as this can cause headaches. 

Vape flavour: Geek Bar vs Elf Bar

Both disposable vape ranges feature slight variations of similar e-liquid flavours. For example, both Geek Bar and Elf Bar have different variations of blueberry flavours, with GeekVape stocking Blueberry IceBlueberry Bubblegum and Blueberry Sour Raspberry and Elf Bar stocking classic Blueberry and Mad Blue.  

Geek Bar disposable vapes have a larger range of flavours than their Elf Bar competitors, with Elf Bar stocking 17 flavours and the Geek Bar flavour range featuring 27 variants, including 5 new shisha disposable vapes of interesting flavour combinations like Strawberry Kiwi Shisha. Elf Bar tend to lean towards classic fruit flavours in their disposable vape pens, where Geek Bar are a little more experimental. 

Of course, each brand will have its own e-liquid recipes but there are some direct flavour comparisons between the brands. Let’s compare how the grape flavour and strawberry ice cream flavours from Geek Bar and Elf Bar measure up to each other.

Grape Geek Bar vs Grape Elf Bar

The Grape Geek Bar and Grape Elf Bar look strikingly different. Where GeekVape have opted for a sleek off white colour, Elf Bar have adopted a purple exterior, more reminiscent of red grapes. 

Of course, when trying to imitate the flavour of grapes in an e-liquid, both brands have created similar flavour compounds of sweetened black grapes. However, the Geekvape flavour is slightly deeper than the Elf version, which is slightly sweeter. Both the Geek and Elf adaptations of the grape flavour feature 50/50 nic salts which provide a smooth throat hit when compared to freebase nicotine. Nic salts absorb into the bloodstream more quickly than freebase nicotine, so you can be sure with a grape disposable vape you’ll enjoy a flavoursome e-liquid that can curb your cravings. 

We’re confident in recommending both the Geek Bar disposable vape and Elf Bar disposable in the Grape flavour as easy and flavoursome all-day vapes which provide a satisfying nicotine hit quickly. Your choice on Geek vs. Elf will depend on whether you prefer a sweeter candied e-liquid flavour, or a deeper fruity grape flavour in your vape juice. 

Strawberry Ice Cream Geek Bar vs Strawberry Ice Cream Elf Bar

The Strawberry Ice Cream Geek Bar and Strawberry Ice Cream Elf Bar are great options for vapers looking for something to satisfy their sweet tooth! Both vape brands have created their versions of this classic dessert flavour, so you can expect a super sweet strawberry flavour profile with a subtle menthol chill on the exhale. 

For this flavour comparison, there are noticeable differences between the Geek and Elf approaches to the e-liquid recipe. While Geek Bar have focused on creamy strawberry milkshake flavour profiles with an icy menthol aftertaste, Elf have created a vape that is more reminiscent of strawberry shortcake with an icy twist. For the Elf Bar, you’ll either love it or hate it.  

For vapers who aren’t a fan of menthol flavours, try the Geek Bar Sweet Strawberry disposable vape. However, if you’re a menthol flavour lover, Elf Bar stock a Strawberry Ice flavour variation which has a stronger menthol aftertaste than the Strawberry Ice Cream flavour. 

Vape design: Geek Bar vs Elf Bar

Like all disposable vape pens, Geek Bars and Elf Bars are all-in-one pods which come pre-filled with e-liquid and a built-in battery. However, this is where the design similarities of the two disposable vape brands stop. 

Geek Bar disposable vapes significantly larger than Elf Bars and are enclosed in a slick outer casing with a built-in mouthpiece. Geek Bars disposable vapes are designed in a pod kit style, meaning that they look slightly boxier than a vape pen. The mouthpiece on a Geek Bar disposable is slightly larger than an Elf Bar, which may contribute to the fact that Geek Bars last for up to 575 puffs rather than Elf Bars which last for up to 600. 

Elf Bars are designed in a vape pen style which are thinner and more ergonomically designed than the Geek Bars. The mouthpiece on an Elf Bar disposable vape is significantly smaller than the Geek alternative, meaning that each draw on the vape is thinner and creates a more intense mouth-to-lung sensation. Elf disposable vapes feature brightly coloured, matt packaging which is indicative of the flavours in each vape pen. 

Value for money: Geek Bar vs Elf Bar

Both Geek Bar disposable vapes and Elf Bars are reasonably priced for a convenient all-in-one, ready-to-go vape.

Geek Bars retail at just £6.00 and last for up to 575 puffs, or 1.043 pence per puff. 

Elf Bars retail at £5.00 and operate for 550- 600 puffs, depending on how much you use the kit. Using an average of 575 puffs for the pod, Elf Bars are more cost effective at 0.869 pence per puff

It is worth noting that if you opt for disposable vape pens consistently over a vape kit which is rechargeable and refillable, you will spend more money on vaping in the long run. For the same volume of e-liquid, you would need to buy five 2ml disposable vapes for every 10ml bottle of e-liquid. If you decide to make the switch from disposable vape pens to a starter vape kit, you’ll notice that your vaping habit will become much more cost effective!

How easily can you recycle Geek Bars and Elf Bars?

It’s not surprising that a device called a ‘disposable vape’ is going to be tricky to recycle. Unfortunately for both Geek Bars and Elf Bars, it can be difficult and even dangerous to attempt to recycle these devices. The main issue when attempting to recycle Geek and Elf disposables is that these vapes are not designed to be dismantled, so it can be difficult to remove the base of the vape in order to recycle the batteries. Please be careful if you are attempting to recycle your vape batteries and always wear gloves as the batteries may sometimes leak.

At our Oxford Vapours stores, we recycle used vape batteries, just bring them along on your next visit!

Elf Bar have created their new Elfa pod kit, the new and improved version of the Elf Bar Mate 500. The Elfa kit enables vapers to still enjoy the convenient and pocket-friendly design of Elf Bar disposable vapes and be able to recharge, refill and reuse the device. Elfa kits are compatible with pods which are pre-filled with the same delicious Elf Bar e-liquid as the disposables. These new pod kits are much more eco-friendly and waste conscious than the Elf Bar 600 disposable vapes, and widely available in a range of flavours including: BananaWatermelon and Kiwi Passionfruit Guava.  

Geek Bar do offer beginner vape kits for MTL vaping, but they are created in a vape pen style which requires vapers to manually add e-liquid and does not match the convenience of the Elfa kit.  

So, Geek Bar vs Elf Bar – which side are you on?

There’s no doubt that Geek and Elf Bars are staples for most vapers, especially for occasions like nights out when you don’t want to bring a larger vape kit. Choosing which disposable vape brand you prefer really is a process of trial-and-error, and there will probably be instances where you prefer one flavour more from one brand but the other’s range as a whole. 

Ready to see which disposable you prefer? Shop our range of disposable vapes here.