Lost Mary Vapes: Everything You Need to Know

Nov 07, 2022

No doubt you will have seen Lost Mary vapes cropping up alongside other disposable vape brands like Geek Bar and Elf Bar. Distinctive due to their contemporary shape, Lost Marys are making waves in the vaping community with their affordable price point and interesting flavour combinations. 

Lost Mary is the newest release from Elf Bar, every vapers’ go-to disposable pod for a night out. The Lost Mary BM600 is a small, pocket-friendly disposable vape that provides the smoothest throat hit out of the mainstream pod kits on the market. Using 2% nic salts, the Lost Mary is a super smooth disposable that brings out the maximum amount of flavour for a reasonable price point. 

Lost Mary BM600 Flavours

Similar to their Elf Bar older brothers, Lost Mary BM600 disposable vapes use 2% nicotine salts in e-liquid compounds which creates a flavoursome vaping experience with a smooth throat hit. Lost Marys offer more complex flavour combinations than Elf Bars, with combinations like Double Apple, Triple Mango and even their twist on a popular soda flavour: Marybull Ice. Lost Mary BM600 brings amazing flavour combinations to disposable vaping, meaning that if you’re only just making the switch from smoking you can still enjoy interesting e-liquid flavours. 

Cotton Candy Ice

The Cotton Candy Ice Lost Mary is a super sweet e-liquid flavour with a delicious icy menthol kick. The nic salt compound in this vape ensures that the icy menthol is not too harsh on the throat, but rather balances out the super sweet cotton candy flavour. 

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade is a core flavour in the Lost Mary collection with the perfect balance of tart sweetness from the lemonade base and fruity strawberry core. This Lost Mary BM600 shares its name with one of Elf Bars most loved pods, so it’s easy to compare the two. If you prefer a silky smooth throat hit, Lost Mary is for you. 

Blue Razz Ice

Lost Mary has a range of blueberry and blue raspberry flavour profiles, but Blue Razz Ice is definitely a highlight. Giving the classic Blue Razz flavour an icy menthol twist, this disposable will give you throwbacks to cinema dates with frozen blue raspberry drinks. 

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Though Blue Razz Ice and Blueberry Sour Raspberry sound similar, they vary in distinct ways. Blueberry Sour Raspberry is significantly fruitier than its icy counterpart, balancing out the fruity blueberry goodness with a sour tang of raspberry. This disposable is a super smooth flavour thanks to the nic salt e-liquid, so it’s a good all-day vape option. 


A classic. The simplicity of the Blueberry Lost Mary Flavour makes it a delicious choice for vapers who don’t want a flavour medley with every draw. The blueberry option from Lost Mary is not as intense as Elf Bar’s Mad Blue, so it’s a great choice for someone wanting consistent, not overpowering flavour. 

Double Apple

Perfectly balancing the flavours of succulent red apples and tart green apples, the Lost Mary Double Apple is our go-to option. The smooth nic salt e-liquid makes this disposable a perfect all-rounder, especially for those just starting out on their vaping journey. 

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Even thinking about the summer-inspired flavour profile of the Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Lost Mary makes us think of tropical holidays and white sand beaches. This vape kit will give you a little taste of paradise with every draw, and with 600 puffs in each kit, it may even be enough to make you forget about the rainy British weather. When compared to its Elf Bar twin, Lost Mary provides a smoother experience. You need to try this one. 

Marybull Ice

Marybull Ice is bound to wake you up in the morning, with the flavour of a much loved soda drink and a menthol twist. This flavour is great for those who like complex tastes as the sour-sweet base of this e-liquid is served with a kick of menthol. It’s worth noting that though this vape does bear a soda drink flavour, it does not contain caffeine.

Strawberry Ice

A classic vape flavour available from all main disposable vaping brands, the Lost Mary BM600 brings unrivalled smoothness to this fan-favourite. Sweet strawberries and icy freshness, what’s not to love?

Triple Mango

The Triple Mango Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape holds a deeper, more complex mango flavour than others on the market. Triple mango is a fusion of three different exotic mango flavours with a delicious creamy aftertaste that will keep your sweet tooth satisfied all day. 

Triple Melon

Another fan favourite, Triple Melon is a refreshing blend of muskmelon (similar to cantaloupe), watermelon and honeydew melon. The blend of melon flavours makes this Lost Mary a brilliant, fruity and refreshing all-day (or night) option.  

Watermelon Ice

Another classic vape juice flavour, Watermelon Ice brings together refreshing watermelon and menthol ice to provide a succulent, invigorating vape that most vapers will enjoy. The nic salt in this kit mediates the icy kick and makes this classic vape a go-to for those on-the-go. 

Design of Lost Mary Vape Kits

It’s plain to see that Elf Bar wanted to offer the vaping community something different when releasing the Lost Mary BM600. The square shape and bright colours of the Lost Mary disposable pod immediately makes it stand out, but the new shape actually makes these disposable vapes far more pocket-friendly than their vape pen peers, especially in women’s clothing which typically features smaller pockets. 


Lost Mary also offer their take on a disposable vape pen with their Lost Mary AM600, featuring many of the same exotic flavours in the BM600 collection. Whether you prefer Lost Mary’s new type of vape device, or prefer the classic shape, you can be sure not to miss out on flavour. 

Lost Mary Hardware

The Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape is composed of similar parts to most disposable pods on the market. Featuring an in-built battery and small mouthpiece, these vape kits are super convenient to use straight out of the box. Like all disposable vapes, these kits are draw-activated and non-rechargeable. 

The 550 mAh built-in battery is standard across most disposables and the kit is pre-filled with 2ml of 20 mg nicotine salt e-liquid (the limit for nicotine containing products, according to TPD regulations). Lasting up to approximately 600 puffs, Lost Marys are on par with their competitors and last approximately 3 days to one week depending on the frequency of consumption. 

Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape pricing

Lost Marys are an affordable disposable vaping option, on par with their Elf Bar at £5.00 per pod. As all vapers will know, disposable vapes are significantly more expensive in the long run than vape kits which are rechargeable and refillable. For a night out, or an event in which you don’t want to lose your full device, you can’t do better than a Lost Mary.