Top 5 pod kits 2023… So far

Aug 03, 2023


If you're looking for a vaping device that is compact, easy-to-use, and delivers an excellent vaping experience, then a pod system vape might be the right choice for you. Pod system vapes are designed to provide a hassle-free vaping experience, allowing you to enjoy your favourite e-liquids without the need for a complex setup. In this blog post, we'll be discussing the top 5 pod system vapes on the market today. Let's get started!


5: Voopoo Argus Pro

The Voopoo Argus Pro Pod Kit is a stylish pod system vape that offers a smooth vaping experience. With its compact size, it is perfect for vapers who are always on-the-go. The device is powered by a built-in 3000mah battery that provides long-lasting vaping sessions.

The device has a feature called ‘Smart Mod’. Smart mode is a great feature, which allows the device to read your coil and automatically set the wattage. It also prevents you from putting too much power to your coil e.g. if your coil is rated 12w - 18w, it won’t allow you to go above the maximum rating, helping you with coil longevity.

The coils which are used in the pods are part of Voopoo’s PnP coil system, which are known for their great flavour, coil life and the range of choice they give you. With the large amount of coil variations Voopoo have to offer, you have the ability to use the kit as a mouth-to-lung (MTL) device, or direct-to-lung (DTL), meaning that you’re not restricted to either 50/50 juice, or High VG. You can use whichever ratio you want, just by changing the coil. Fantastic!

Overall, the Argus Pro Pod Kit is a fantastic and versatile device, perfect for all users, thanks to the range of coils and vape juice that it can use, which is why it is part of our top 5.

Voopoo Argus Pro Pod Kit Litchi Red

4: Uwell Caliburn G2

The Uwell Caliburn G2 is a sleek pod system vape that is perfect for vapers who are looking for a device that is both compact and easy to use. The device is designed with a built-in 750mah battery, with a maximum wattage output of 18w.

The pods for the device are fully refillable, as well as use replaceable coils. They also feature adjustable airflow on the bottom, giving you the ability to fine tune the kit to make it vape how you want it to. Once the pod is installed into the device, you will have a viewing window to show your liquid level, which helps to prevent allowing your liquid level getting too low and accidentally burning out your coil.

The coils for the Caliburn G2 are available in both 1.2ohm and 0.8ohm resistance, offering you either a MTL draw or a restricted DTL draw, depending on your style of vaping, white also offering great flavour and coil longevity.

The Caliburn G2 also uses haptic feedback, which you don’t see on many devices, which will vibrate whenever you have a short circuit (coil needs changing), low voltage (battery needs charging) and for overdrawing (reached the cutoff timer).

Because of the compact design, coil performance and ease of use, it would be rude not to have this kit in our top 5 pod systems.

Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Kit Green

3: Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini

The XROS 3 mini is the third edition of the XROS mini family. The device features a 1000mah battery, allowing you to get a full day of vaping from a single charge. The battery capacity is the same as the previous generations, but it is much more efficient with its power output and holding its charge.

The device doesn’t come with a power button, or adjustable airflow, but that’s the great thing about it. Whenever you want to have a vape, you just draw on it. No more making sure that the device is turned off before putting it away, no more messing about with the airflow, making this device perfect for anyone who just wants a hassle-free vape.

The pods available for the XROS 3 Mini all have a 2ml capacity, and are fully refillable. When it comes to purchasing the pods, you have three to choose from; 0.6ohm (comes with the kit), 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm.

For us, the 0.8ohm pods have been our best seller, mainly due to the flavour, the draw and the longevity of the built-in coil. But, make sure you give them all a try to see which one you prefer. Just because the 0.8ohm pods are our best seller, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be the best ones for you.

Overall, the XROS 3 Mini kit is a fantastic device. Vaporesso have done a fantastic job at making a device which is so simple to use, but can outperform most devices that are out on the market which does the same and more. Which is why it had to be in our top 3!

Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini Pod Kit Sky Blue

2: OXVA Xlim Pod Kit

The OXVA Xlim pod kit is a pod system vape is the perfect kit for anyone who wants an easy to use device, but the ability to change the wattage. The device features a compact size and is powered by a 900mah battery to keep you vaping all day.

The device is capable of producing a wattage output of up to 25w, depending on the pod that you use and can either be used by pressing the power button while taking a draw, or by using the draw activation. A great thing about this device is that you can lock the power button and just use the draw activation. Meaning, that you essentially never have to worry about burning coil out every time the device is put into a bag or pocket.

The pods for Xlim are available in a variety of resistances; 1.2ohm (sold separately), 0.8ohm and 0.6ohm (both come with the kit), and are fully refillable. Both the 1.2ohm and 0.8ohm pods have the same power rating of 12w - 16w, while the 0.6ohm pod is rated 20w - 25w. All three pods will give you a slightly different vaping experience. So make sure to try them all so you know which one you will enjoy.

In conclusion, the OXVA Xlim kit is a very well rounded device. There aren't many pod systems out there where you can lock the power button and still be able to use the device, but some manufacturers are now implementing the feature. All three pod variations offer great flavour, even with the varying wattages they can be run at. Which is why it has made the number two spot.

OXVA Xlim Pod Kit Black Red

1: Vaporesso XROS 3 Pod Kit

The Vaporesso XROS 3 kit just had to make it to the top of our list. The kit comes with a built-in 1000mah battery, draw to activate, the same as the XROS 3 mini, and a physical on/off button and adjustable airflow.

Just like the XROS 3 mini kit, you have three different pods to choose from; 0.6ohm (comes with the kit), 0.8ohm and the 1.2ohm. All three will perform slightly differently from each other, so be sure to give them all a try as you prefer one over the other.

With this kit having adjustable airflow, it allows you to fine tune the draw to your liking. You can choose to have the airflow fully closed, giving you a very restricted MTL draw. You can even have it fully open to give you a RDTL draw, or even have it somewhere in between the two. All of the pods which are available to use will probably need to have the airflow set different for each one. Which is why having adjustable airflow to fine tune the draw is a great feature to have.

Overall, the XROS 3 kit is a fantastic device. The simplicity, the functionality and the longevity of the pods work so well together, that it had to make our number one spot.

Vaporesso Xros 3 Pod Kit Icy Silver


If you're looking for a pod system vape that is compact, easy-to-use, and delivers an excellent vaping experience, then any of the above-mentioned options would be a great choice. Each of these pod systems is designed to offer a hassle-free vaping experience, making them perfect for vapers of all levels. So, go ahead and choose the one that best fits your preferences and start enjoying a great vaping experience today!