Top 5 Aniseed Flavours for MTL Tanks

Feb 13, 2024


Welcome, fellow vape enthusiasts, to a journey through the aromatic and exhilarating world of aniseed vape flavours. Known for their bold and distinctive taste, aniseed-infused e-liquids have gained a dedicated following among vapers. In this blog post, we'll be counting down the top five aniseed vape flavours, starting from the fifth best and building up to the ultimate vaping delight.

5: Black Reloaded Nic Salt - Zeus Juice

A dynamically intensified rendition of The Black, featuring deep, rich dark berries and blackcurrant seamlessly intertwined with an invigorating menthol surge, creating an exhilarating sensory experience that goes beyond expectations.


4: Vermilion Reloaded - Zeus Juice

An exquisite combination of luscious sweet cherries adorned with vibrant red berries, harmoniously complemented by the alluring essence of aromatic aniseed. Elevate your sensory experience as a refreshing wave of cool menthol sweeps through, creating a symphony of flavours that captivates and invigorates your palate.


3: Heisenberg - Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape boasts unparalleled popularity with its exceptional and widely renowned flavour— a distinctive blend of luscious berries, enchanting aniseed, and invigorating menthol. This extraordinary concoction has captured the hearts of vape enthusiasts worldwide, setting a benchmark for exquisite taste and unforgettable vaping experiences.


2: Black Jacked - Ohm Brew

A timeless blend of classic aniseed and liquorice, evoking the delightful nostalgia of a beloved sweet shop favourite. Immerse yourself in the rich, harmonious fusion of these traditional flavours for an unparalleled sensory experience that captures the essence of sweet indulgence.


1: Blackcurrant Aniseed - Elfliq

The delectable flavour of ripe blackcurrant seamlessly harmonises with the inviting and gently spiced undertones of aniseed, creating a uniquely satisfying taste experience that delights the palate with a perfect balance of sweetness and warmth