The best non-sweet vape flavours 2023

Nov 07, 2023


Vaping has become a popular alternative for many individuals seeking a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking. While sweet vape juices have dominated the market, there is a hidden gem for those who prefer a more refined and less sugary experience. In this blog post, we explore the best non-sweet vape juices that the UK has to offer. These unique flavours are designed to captivate your taste buds with their depth and complexity, providing an enjoyable vaping experience without the overwhelming sweetness.

Aramax - Classic Tobacco:

  • For those transitioning from cigarettes or simply craving the familiar taste, classic tobacco-flavoured vape juice is a fantastic choice. Crafted to replicate the rich, earthy aroma of traditional tobacco, this vape juice delivers a smooth and satisfying experience. With its subtle notes of smokiness and a hint of sweetness, it offers the perfect balance for tobacco enthusiasts looking for an authentic taste.


Vampire Vape - Ice Menthol:

  • Refreshing and invigorating, the crisp menthol vape juice is a must-try for menthol lovers. Its icy coolness provides a soothing sensation with each inhale, leaving a satisfyingly fresh taste on the palate. The well-balanced blend of minty flavours, coupled with a subtle undertone, creates a vape juice that is both invigorating and smooth, making it ideal for all-day vaping.


Ohm Brew - Cappuccino:

  • If you're a fan of coffee and enjoy its creamy indulgence, a smooth cappuccino vape juice can be your perfect companion. This delightful blend emulates the aroma and taste of a freshly brewed cappuccino, complete with its velvety frothiness. With its balanced flavours of roasted coffee beans and creamy milk, this vape juice delivers a satisfying vaping experience for coffee enthusiasts seeking a non-sweet option.


Ohm Boy - Valencia Orange & Passion Fruit:

  • For those craving a tangy and vibrant flavour profile, the Valencia Orange & Passion Fruit vape juice is a delightful choice. Packed with the refreshing essence of orange’s straight from Valencia and passion fruit, this vape juice offers a zingy experience that awakens the senses. The bright and uplifting notes of citrus create a perfect balance between tartness and sweetness, leaving a zesty aftertaste that is both invigorating and enjoyable.



Finding the perfect non-sweet vape juice can elevate your vaping experience to new heights, offering a range of unique and sophisticated flavours. From the Classic Tobacco and Ice Menthol to the Cappuccino and Valencia Orange & Passion Fruit, there's a non-sweet vape juice for every palate. Explore the diverse options available at Oxford Vapours, and allow your taste buds to embark on a flavourful journey that is sure to delight your senses. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and with these non-sweet vape juices, you can experience vaping in a whole new way.