We at Oxford Vapours HQ are delighted to have launched our very first promotional video this week, which is a launch pad for us to develop content on youtube to bring news, product releases, reviews and information to a wider audience.

We talked to Dan Greenall, the owner of Oxford Vapours and Videographer Tom Lindsay about the concept behind the shoot.

Dan Greenall
Owner & CEO

Being Oxfordshire’s first sole destination for e-cigarettes, we decided to make a promotional video for the company to promote vaping, showcase some of our latest products and showcase the beautiful architecture and scenery of our spiritual home of Oxford, where our journey began.

Oxford city centre, where we opened our first E-cigarette outlet, provided a truly stunning background for the shoot with it’s historic architecture and public spaces and we wanted to capture it’s essence, which contrasts to the contemporary subject of vaping. The stormy winds tried their hardest to scupper our attempts to capture some clouds on camera, but we are really pleased with the atmosphere and aesthetics of the finished video.

The whole process was eye opening for myself as media and technology aren’t strong points of mine but I must admit, I found it very enjoyable and thought provoking. We’ll definitely be making more videos in the upcoming months as we build our brand online and try to create some really valuable content for existing and prospective customers.

The shots of the products were so simple, but so visually attractive, which gives the video a secondary element that will hopefully be helpful for our brand, in addition to showcasing our stunning home city.

Tom Lindsay

I decided to contact Oxford vapours to see if they were interested in the idea of producing some promotional videos as I could see that they were not yet using any engaging video content on Facebook or their website.

Having quit smoking with E-cigarettes almost a year now and being a customer of Oxford Vapours, I was interested in their business and how quickly it was growing. I have also been implemented vapour into some of my solo video projects recently as it looks great as an effect on camera.

I thought that the best way to showcase vaping and the visual vapour was on film due to the way it moves and evolves as apposed to capturing it motionless in still photography. The industry is full of interesting products and technology that is greatly suited to video presentation.

The project went really well and I hope that we can make more and more exciting and engaging videos together in the future.