How it works 

To refer a friend, go into your account & look in the ‘Refer a friend’ section. Here you enter your friends email address & name which will send an email to them with a unique link (you may need to check your junk/ spam inbox for this). 

The person being referred uses this link to access our website in order to make their first purchase. Once the order has been processed & completed both parties will get an email which contains their unique coupon code to use against their next purchase. 

How it works in store

To refer someone you firstly have to be a loyalty card holder, then you will need to fill in a referral card with your name, email address, date of birth and loyalty card number.

Supply your referral card to the person you’re referring, for them to add their details and bring in to redeem the loyalty points. (Please leave the Referred Loyalty No. blank, we will fill this in when you make your purchase)

During the first purchase the referred will be set up with a loyalty account & their points will be added. (We will need to see a valid form of identification for this process)

After this transaction we will keep the referral card and add referrers points.

Terms and conditions

You must be aged 18 years and above to place an order and have an approved account on our website.

Referral rewards are available to customers with an existing account at

Referral amounts are given via a coupon code & sent directly to your email address (you may need to check junk/ spam inbox) & can be found in the ‘Refer a friend’ section of your account which can be applied on your next order.

The person making the referral gains a £7.50 coupon, while the person being referred gains a £5 coupon. Any coupon earned through our online referral scheme can only be redeemed on our website & not in store. 

Your coupon code has no cash value, cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another account. Coupons/ loyalty earned through the scheme in store can only be redeemed in store & same applies for coupons/ loyalty earned at online.

Oxford Vapours reserves the right to change or remove the referral scheme at any time. 

Oxford Vapours reserves the right to reject rewards, withdraw coupons &/or cancel any orders affiliated with fraudulent use of the online referral scheme without notice. 

Oxford Vapours decision will be final regarding any referral. 

These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights. 


Any problems or questions please get in touch with us.