Combo IMC Interchangeable Decks by iJoy

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These innovative replacement decks from iJoy fit the limitless RDTA, iJoy Combo RDTA and the iJoy RDTA box dripper.

iJoy look set to bring a whole bunch of interchangeable compatibility to future product releases and these interchangeable decks are a great idea. Find the deck that suits your style of vaping today.

Full Description

Product Features:
20.5mm Diameter
24K Gold-Plated Build Deck
PEEK Insulator
IMC-1 – Two-Post w/ Clamp Mechanism
IMC-2 – Spring-Loaded Two-Post w/ Clamp
IMC-3 – Two-Post, Quad Terminals (Side Secured)
IMC-4 – Two-Post, Two Terminals (Top Secured)
IMC-5 – Two-Post, Two Large Terminals (Four-Point Secure)
IMC-6 – Split-Positive Post, Four Terminals (Top Secured)
IMC-7 – Postless, Four Terminals (Side-Secured)
IMC-8 – Raised Postless, Four Terminals (Side-Secured)
IMC-9 – Raised Postless, Four Terminals (Side-Secured)
IMC-RDA DECK – To be used with your Combo RDTA to turn it into a RDA

iJoy RDTA Box 200W Kit
iJoy Limitless RDTA Classic Edition

Please Note:
This product is for advanced users only. It consists of risk of damaging your mods, devices, and batteries if it is being used improperly. Please make sure that you have great understanding and have done researches on this product before purchasing.

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