Goon LP by 528 Customs

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Stainless Steel

Introducing the new Goon LP by 528 Custom. The Goon low profile structure has a unique static bridge-post with clamp mechanism for tremendous capabilities, and implements an unprecedented functionality to the clamp-mechanism. The Goon LP features four 24K Gold-Plated clamps securing the coil leads through the side of the platform, a complete change from the traditional top-secured method.

This style retains the wide surface area for consistent connection and superior conductivity while providing a whole new range of exotic build styles. Airflow enters the structure through dual slotted airholes, providing direct pathways to the core for a performance-orientated experience.

Full Description

Half inch drip tip
Standard 510 connection
Gold plated 510 pin
Gold plated bridge post
Gold plated stainless steel clamps
Hybrid safe
Peek insulators
Positive and Negative bridges are easily replaceable

1 x Ultem drip tip
1 x Ultem top cap
1 x Ultem sleeve
Bottom feeding pin
extra screws/o-rings

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