Advanced Handmade Coils by G-man

£4.00£7.00 Inc Vat


Handmade in Oxfordshire, this high quality pair of coils comes pre-wrapped and ready to install into you favourite re-buildable atomiser.

Available as Fused Claptons or Aliens, these advanced coils are low resistance and should only be used by vapers with an advanced understanding of ohms law and the boundaries of battery safety.

Full Description

1 x Pair of Advanced Coils
Japanese cotton pad
Glass presentation jar

Aliens : 3X28awg NI80 / 36awg NI80 / 5wraps 3mm ID / .15-.17
Fused Claptons : 2x26awg NI80 / 39awg NI80 / 6wrap 3mm ID / .14-.16
: 2x26awg KAN / 44awg NI80 / 6wrap 3mm ID / .2-.22

Nicotine Warnings
Warning Symbol Warning: Harmful if swallowed

Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician. Rinse mouth. Dispose of container in accordance with local regulations.

Vaping is for adults only.

Please confirm that you are 18 or over.

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