A1 Kanthal

£3.50 Inc Vat

10m Reel

Kanthal is used to wrap your own coils for rebuildable atomisers, RTAs & drippers. A 10m roll like this will make 50-100 standard coils.

Kanthal A1 wire is well known around the world for its amazing heat resistant properties. Over time Kanthal A1 has become the standard name for the chemical content of this wire. This Kanthal is made in the UK.


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Full Description


22% chromium (Cr), 5.8% aluminum (Al), Iron (Fe) balance

Density: 7.1 g/cubic cm
Tensile strength: 680 n/mm_
Melting Temperature: 1500C (2732F)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 1400C (2550F)
Density: 0.256 lbs/cubic in.
Specific heat capacity @ 68¡F: 0.11 Btu/lbF
Product weight 32 g

It is important to understand the resistance variation of A1 Kanthal and choose the right gauge/diameter. We recommend always using an ohms reader if using a mechanical mod – most variable wattage devices will read your ohms – for a standard coil build we recommend 6-8 wraps.

It is also helpful to use an online voltage/wattage/resistance calculator like this

Nicotine Warnings
Warning Symbol Warning: Harmful if swallowed

Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician. Rinse mouth. Dispose of container in accordance with local regulations.