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IQOS is an innovative alternative to smoking that uses real tobacco leaves in refill cartridges called 'HEETS' which come in Amber, Turquoise or Yellow label flavours, giving genuine tobacco taste & satisfaction.

IQOS uses a technology that carefully heats the tobacco 'HEETS' to 350'c, releasing true tobacco flavour and nicotine delivery. At this temperature the tobacco does not burn, significantly reducing the levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarette smoke.

At Oxford Vapours we believe that the IQOS is a suitable system for those who have struggled to quit smoking with vaping, want the flavour and nicotine delivery of a cigarette, but are still looking for a healthier alternate than traditional smoking. The IQOS kit and HEET refills fill this gap in the market

Please Note:
IQOS require all kit resellers to register the device to he purchaser for resale control and warranty purposes. By purchasing an IQOS kit and accepting our Terms & Conditions, you consent to us using your personal details to complete the registration process. IQOS Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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Important information about IQOS
• IQOS/HEETS are not risk-free.
• HEETS contain nicotine, which is addictive.
• IQOS/HEETS are only for adult smokers who want to continue enjoying tobacco.
• IQOS/HEETS are not for people who have quit smoking or have never smoked.
• IQOS/HEETS are not an alternative to quitting smoking. The best choice for adult smokers concerned about their health is to quit tobacco use altogether.
• IQOS/HEETS are not for minors (under 18 years old).
• IQOS/HEETS are not for pregnant women and people who have heart problems or are diabetic.
• To experience all benefits of IQOS/HEETS adult smokers should switch to IQOS/HEETS completely and abandon cigarettes permanently.

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