Replacement Battery Wraps

£0.25 Inc Vat


These colourful 18650 battery wraps are used to replace the wraps on your 18650 cells if they develop nicks, rips, bubbling or melting.

Keeping your batteries wrapped properly is very important to avoid dangerous hard-shorts and other problems.

These wraps are applied with a hairdryer – see further description for application steps.

Full Description

Steps for use:
1. Remove the old battery wrap by getting nail under edge and ripping off.
2. You MUST keep the small insulator disc in place on top of the battery that sits on the button top, under the wrap.
3. Slip your battery, insulator in place, into the new battery wrap, ensuring that there is an even amount of excess at both the top and bottom
4. Hold the battery at the top and bottom with your thumb and forefinger, pinching the insulator disc in place
5. Apply an even heat with a hairdryer on a low but warm setting at a distance of about 4 inches
6. Start by heating the button top of the battery wrap so that it secures the insulator disc – the wrap will shrink to perfectly wrap the battery
7. Continue to heat the sides and bottom of the battery wrap until it is tightly wrapped with no creases – the whole process should only take a couple of minutes.

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