We are pleased to announce that we now have a digital loyalty scheme for our physical shops to replace the stickers/stamps we have been using. If you register for a new loyalty card, you will be rewarded with a free 10ml of e-liquid for every 5 stamps you collect when you shop at Oxford Vapours.
Any stamps you already have on the old cards can be transferred when you get set up.

Please note that The Loyalty Card is currently not compatible online – we’re hoping we’re able to integrate it soon.

How to get a new loyalty card

Next time you visit one of our shops, just ask one of our members of staff who will be happy to assist you. You can choose from either a loyalty card or key fob to keep which has a unique QR code which you will need to scan when you make a purchase at Oxford Vapours.

Please note that a replacement for a lost card or key fob will come at a cost of £0.50p

Alternatively, or in addition to the card/key fob, you can download an app for iOS or Android that will work independently, or in conjunction with your card/key fob.

How to find the app

Click here to download the Loylapp for iOS

Click here to download the Loylapp for Android

( Or just search ‘LoyLap’ in either app store )

You will then need to find Oxford Vapours, it will suggest close shops or you can use the search bar. ‘Add’ Oxford Vapours and you will be ready to start collecting stamps next time you are in-store!

How many stamps will I get?

If you spend £20-£49 you will receive 1 stamp
If you spend £50-£99 you will receive 2 stamps
If you spend £100+ you will receive 3 stamps

You may discretionally receive further stamps for purchases over these amounts

What will I get for my stamps?

You will receive one free 10ml juice for every 5 stamps you collect.

Other Terms & Conditions

On in-store activation/registration, you will be asked for your full name to attach to the account.

The second time the card/fob is scanned you will have the option to add an email, password, your DOB and gender information to complete the full account set up. This second step is for website and app login/integration and is completely optional.

Alternatively you can create an online account at a later date and then link your loyalty card/fob to the mobile account using the app and your phone. This will complete the account linking, so both the card/fob and/or mobile app work under the same account.

All customer information will be stored in a secure digital environment under the laws of the data protection act and will never be shared with other companies or third parties. The only way that we would ever use your purchase history is to analyse sales and stock performance to improve our services!

Oxford Vapours LTD reserves the rights to change or terminate the loyalty scheme without notice.