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What’s the Difference Between MTL and DTL Vaping?

When you first learn about vaping, you’ll come across the names of two vaping techniques: Mouth-To-Lung vaping and Direct-To-Lung vaping. At first glance, these two similar-sounding terms can be pretty confusing.  What’s the difference between the MTL and DTL, and why does there seem to be a huge divide between the types of vaping?  To […]

Switch Mods have landed

We are very happy to announce that Oxford Vapours are now the exclusive UK wholesaler for Switch Mods. High quality, affordable and super hard-hitting mechanical mod and dripper combos. Machined, anodized and assembled in Ventura County, California. Designed for cloud chasing, these combos have been winning competitions across the US and Oxford Vapours are proud […]