Christmas is coming around fast, and what gifts to get for your loved ones won’t be far from your mind. Whether you have a vaper in the family who loves to try different e-liquids, or you have a close friend who you’re trying to encourage to quit smoking, there are plenty of vape gifts that are suitable for stocking fillers this Christmas.

Stocking fillers can often be left until the last minute, but don’t worry – we have you covered! We understand that everyone is feeling the pinch a little this Christmas, so we have put together our guide to vaping gifts under £10 for any vaper in your life!

5 for £12 on Geek Bars – £2.40 per vape!

First up on our list of top vape gift picks is our multi-buy bundle of Geek Bars – 5 disposables for only £12! No – this offer is not a typo!

Geek Bars are classics in the vaping world, and with their fun range of over 20 vape flavours, there is bound to be an option for every vaper. The sleek vape pen style of a Geek Bar makes them super pocket friendly, and as they’re draw activated, they’re super easy-to-use straight out of the box..

Every single Geek Bar disposable is pre-filled with 2 ml of e-liquid and are available in two nicotine strength options: 0 mg or 20 mg nic salt (2%). Due to TPD regulations, all disposable vape pens are limited to a maximum of 20 mg of nicotine and 2 ml of e-juice.

As you have the choice of five disposables in the multi-buy, it gives you enough room to try a range of flavours with more than enough disposables to last your giftee into the new year! You really can’t go wrong with a disposable vape, so they’re the perfect stocking filler for any vaper!

Read our blog if you want to learn more about Geek Bars vs. Elf Bars

Ohm Boy 10 ml Nic Salts – 4 for £10 – £2.50 per e-liquid!

4 for £10
£3.99 Inc Vat available on subscription

Ohm Boy E-liquids Volume II, designed, tested & masterfully crafted by us at Oxford Vapours, a brand of E-Liquids to stand the test of time.

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4 for £10
£3.99 Inc Vat available on subscription

Our latest creation is the Volume III range which takes inspiration from our famous Rhubarb base with a chilling twist.

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Another great vaping gift idea is a delicious premium bottle of e-liquid from Ohm Boy. We’re a bit biased, but you really can’t do better than Ohm Boy nic salts in terms of quality and flavour. Focusing on authentic fruit flavour profiles, Ohm Boy e-liquids offer a premium vaping experience that provide a satisfying draw while never becoming sickly. They’re a brilliant idea for a small gift as your loved one can try a new high quality e-liquid that will last them through the hazy period between Christmas and New Year.

Even better, for the week of Black Friday (Monday 21st November 2022 – Monday 28th November 2022), we’re offering a multi-buy discount on these e-liquids, with a 4 for £10 deal on 10ml Ohm Boy e-liquids. The Ohm Boy volume II e-liquid range, Ohm Boy volume III range and the zero nicotine Ohm Boy e-liquids are all involved in the multi-buy promotion.

Zeus Juice 10 ml e-liquids – £4.50 per bottle.

Zeus Juice ‘s best selling 10 ml e-liquids are another great choice for any vaper wanting to try a new e-liquid this Christmas. The quality of these vape juices cannot be faltered, with a huge range of flavours and strengths available. Their freebase e-liquids are suitable for MTL pod systems, but there are also options available if your giftee prefers a high VG juice.

Sitting well within the £10 budget for stocking fillers, Zeus Juice e-liquids provide brilliant value for such a quality product. Our favourite flavours for Christmas are Black Reloaded – a dark berry flavour e-liquid with a menthol kick, and Cinnabird – a warming mixture of spicy cinnamon scone and fresh blueberries. Both e-juices offer an interesting flavour profile and a versatility which ensures they’re a great vape gift, whether you’re shopping for someone with a starter kit or an advanced mod.

3 for £10
£4.49 Inc Vat available on subscription

What can we say about Zeus Juice other than it’s been our best selling e-liquid range since the day it hit our shelves.

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Ohm Boy Rhubarb and Ginger shortfill – 2 for £12 – £6 per 50ml shortfill!

£9.99 Inc Vat

A Limited Edition flavour from based from extremely special creations, Ohm Boy E-liquids Volume II, using our famous Rhubarb base.

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Rhubarb and Ginger is a classic, warm winter flavour that’s perfect for the Christmas season. Stocking fillers often include small gifts and confectionery, so premium e-liquids with a delicious sweet flavour are a brilliant alternative. The Ohm Boy limited edition Rhubarb and Ginger e-liquid is the same premium quality that you can expect from the whole Ohm Boy range, and this festive-flavoured vape juice is one you can’t miss.

Suitable for sub-ohm DTL devices, this 70% : 30% vegetable glycerin : propylene glycol e-liquid is sumptuously thick and offers not just delicious flavour but excellent cloud production as well. Like all shortfills, this e-liquid is nicotine free, but the person you’re gifting for can choose to add a nicotine shot if they wish.

We’ve written a full blog on the best high VG e-liquids to try this winter if you’re struggling for inspiration.

Lost Mary disposable vapes – £6 per vape

Lost Mary disposable vapes have been taking the vaping world by storm in 2022, and the LM600 is quickly becoming a firm favourite. Whether the vaper that you’re buying for prefers classic e-liquid flavours like Blueberry, or a more interesting juice like Marybull Ice, we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect disposable for your loved one in the LM600 range.

Lost Marys make a brilliant small gift for vapers and its compact design of the pod makes them an ideal stocking filler. Loaded with 2 ml of high quality nic salt, Lost Marys provide a satisfying nicotine fix for those looking to curb their cravings. Providing a noticeably smooth throat hit, even with a nicotine strength of 20 mg, Lost Marys are a no-brainer if you’re looking for a small vaping gift.

To make things even easier for you, we’re offering a 3 for £15 multi-buy deal on Lost Mary disposable vapes, so you can even fix yourself with a treat whilst ticking off your Christmas gift list!

5 for £20
£4.99 Inc Vat

The Lost Mary BM600 disposable bars by Elf Bar come pre-filled with e-liquid containing Nicotine Salt & a 550mAh battery & can up to 600 puffs.

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Replacement coils under £10

Every vaping enthusiast will appreciate a pack of replacement coils in their Christmas stocking! However, coils can be tricky to buy as a gift if you’re unsure on what pod system your loved one has. Make sure to have a sneaky check of which vape kit they use before buying coils.

£8.49 Inc Vat available on subscription

Pack of 5 Endura M18 Coils by Innokin for use in the M18 Pod Kit. Also compatible with the T18E, T22E, T182.

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Innokin Endura Coils

The Innokin Endura M18 coils are compatible with the popular Endura T22 pro kit, M18 pod kits and T18 2 vape pen kit. The M18 coils feature plus ohm resistance (1.6Ω), and should be used with a vape juice with a maximum 50:50 VG:PG ratio to ensure the coil doesn’t prematurely burn out.

The M18 coil is optimised to output 14 watts of power, making it versatile for a range of compatible MTL devices, whether it’s the vape pen style T18 2 kit or the more advanced T22. Endura M18 coils weigh in at £8.50 per pack so it puts them at the pricier end of the £10 stocking filler budget, but they are a useful gift for vapers with compatible devices.

Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit and pre-filled pods – £7 for the bundle!

Everyone knows how handy Elf Bars are for a night out and for convenient vaping. But like all disposable vapes, they can be pretty expensive when you have to repeatedly purchase pod after pod. The new Elfa pod kit from Elf Bar provides brilliant value for vapers, as a pack of two refillable pods retail at £6.00, providing 1200 puffs for the same price as one disposable.

Elfa vape kits are a great vape gift for anyone that’s new to vaping. The simple pod system is as easy-to-use as vapes get! Simply place a 2 ml e-juice pod into the Elfa kit and vape straight away. Once the e-juice runs out, simply replace it with a fresh pod. The Elfa kit is rechargeable using a USB-C charger, meaning it is more environmentally friendly than disposable Elf Bar vapes as you do not need to throw away the whole unit.

For Black Friday 2022, Oxford Vapours are offering a free pack of Elfa pre-filled pods with every purchase of an Elfa pod kit from Monday 21st November 2022 – Monday 28th November 2022. This means that you can buy a reusable Elfa kit and their first 1200 puffs for only £7 – well within the £10 Christmas stocking budget.

£6.99 Inc Vat

The Elfa Pod Kit by Elf Bar is a Simple-to-use, Prefilled pod system with a Mouth-to-Lung draw & a 500mah Internal battery.

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3 for £15
£5.99 Inc Vat

These Elfa Disposable Pods are designed for the Elfa Pod Kit. Featuring the flavours we all know & love from the original Disposable Elf Bar.

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Look no further for great vape gifts for the vaper in your life!

Oxford Vapours is your one-stop-shop for vaping gifts this Christmas, and with our Black Friday deals running for a whole week until Cyber Monday, you have plenty of time to make the most of the savings and check off your Christmas gift list! Check out our full range of Black Friday discounts here.