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Is Nicotine Free Vaping Safe?

E-cigarettes have become an increasingly popular way for people to quit smoking cigarettes. When people use vapes as a cessation aid, they avoid the major health issues caused by cigarettes while still being able to calm their nicotine cravings. But these days people aren’t just replacing cigarettes with vapes; they’re cutting out nicotine altogether and […]

Internal vs External Battery Vapes: Differences, uses and how to charge

VC4SL by Xtar External Battery Charger

Batteries are an essential part of any vaping device, whether it’s a compact vape pen or hefty box mod for sub-ohm vaping. Much like vapes themselves, vape batteries come in all different shapes, sizes and powers. But what are the differences between internal vs external battery vapes? And how much of an impact do batteries […]

What’s the Difference Between MTL and DTL Vaping?

When you first learn about vaping, you’ll come across the names of two vaping techniques: Mouth-To-Lung vaping and Direct-To-Lung vaping. At first glance, these two similar-sounding terms can be pretty confusing.  What’s the difference between the MTL and DTL, and why does there seem to be a huge divide between the types of vaping?  To […]

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Vaping

Taking care of our natural environment is important for everyone and vapers are no exception. But, how can we ensure that we’re vaping in an eco-friendly way? Unfortunately, vaping doesn’t have the best eco-credentials. Disposable vapes and e-liquid bottles are often culprits of plastic pollution and batteries can potentially leak chemicals into landfill if not […]